Finance, HR & IT for a Carve-Out

/ Insurance
6 months


  • Acquisition by a Private Equity Fund of a Banking Group’s business unit
  • The business unit is amongst the worldwide leader in its field
  • Building new IT infrastructure in the carved out entity as required to obtain regulatory approval for the acquisition


  • Business unit entirely dependent on the parent company for its administrative activities (billing, accounting, HR, etc.) and the information system.
  • Need to build all the services internally which the business unit depends on, to run autonomously inluding the IT infrastructure.
  • Short deadline : six months to ensure that all these elements are implemented and to carry out the final transaction

Our solutions

  • Carried on the whole project from the beginning to the end
  • Implementation of the new organisation and of the finance, HR and IT services’ processes
  • Outsourcing of the technical infrastructure with core business and management data migration
  • ERP implementation


  • Regulatory approval for acquisition
  • Coaching and supporting the future CEO, CIO and HR Manager
  • Appropriation of the new processes by administrative functions
  • Implementation of new administrative functions
  • Successful data migration

Key Success Factors

  • Great operational experience and results-oriented approach
  • Delville Management proposed the Interim Manager that perfectly fitted the client’s need and expectations in terms of expected results