Carve-out; Building a ‘Stand Alone’ company

8 months


  • Ensuring a successful carve out and launching the first operational investments
  • Wood industry company


  • Establish the company as a stand-alone business with all vital functions and processes
  • Prepare investments in machinery for recycled products
  • Ensure the plant’s daily functioning before the hand-over to future CEO

Our solutions

  • Build-up own Sales Force, Finance and Administration (and IT systems)
  • Reassess all cost components
  • Establish joint ventures with customers
  • Optimize production process
  • Create an environment of personal responsibility, but in a team framework
  • Reorganize and adjust all processes and procedures accordingly – question status quo, Dismantle, move and reassemble Wood Recycling Equipment, Move Door Core Equipment (saw) and start tests for customers


  • Recruitment of CFO and of Management Accountant
  • Recruitment of CEO
  • Satisfying results in the execution of projects
  • Solid relationship with shareholders

Key Success Factors

  • Strong experience as an interim manager
  • Strong ability to communicate with shareholders
  • Negotiation Capacity
  • International network to secure the business