Our transition management team

Our interim executives are professionals that you can trust to manage your operations in a transparent manner and achieve your goals.

Our interim executives’ strengths:

1. Operational. With years of experience, he/she is above all a true expert in his /her field.

2. Adaptable. Having worked in several companies, he/she is operational in every circumstance.

3. Efficient. Equipped with proven reflexes, skills and techniques distilled from a wealth of past experience, that he/she can rapidly put to work.

4. Success-oriented. The success of the assignment is his/her main goal and the respect of commitments is a watchword.

5. A Leader. An outstanding manager who knows how to motivate the team.

6. A Listener. The transition manager’s humility is a precondition for the success of the assignment.

7. Objective. Able to stand back in order to take important decisions that might be determinant for the company’s future.

8. Independent. Comes into the business with a fresh point of view, with no conflict of interest and without a vested interest in past decisions.

9. Level-headed. Displays sound judgment, underpinned by experience and analysis, even in critical situations.

10. Communicative. Leads and empowers the team, negotiates effectively with third parties and ensures high quality reporting to the board.

11. A Mentor. Transfers skills to the existing team and enables the company to benefit from his/her extensive experience.

The ideal profile

  • Behaviour: shows respect for our values: Responsibility Pragmatism Responsiveness Integrity
  • Know-how: ability to conduct the work and deliver results in the allotted time in accordance with the goals of the assignment
  • Management skills: ability to manage people and to ensure an effective handover.

Our recruitment method and selection criteria

  • Direct approach or co-optation
  • Interviews with board members
  • Qualifications at university degree level or higher
  • Proven experience: at least twenty years of operational experience within international or large national companies
  • Broad and deep expertise in multiple areas of activity, a pre-condition for assuming a director-level responsibility within the company
  • A systematic reference check to ensure that our Interim Managers are true operations professionals, able to contribute in a hands-on manner.