Transition Management

Delville Management, a premium and independent pure player, which is a key transition management player

Transition management consists of identifying, selecting and involving transition managers in limited duration assignments.

Born in the 1970s in Northern Europe, transition management arrived in France in the 1990s. It has developed rapidly over the last fifteen years with the emergence of new players, driven by a rapidly growing market.

At the time, interim management assignments principally targeted special situations and other turnaround or restructuring phases. On the strength of the successes achieved, both in terms of results and of speed of implementation, it was extended to transformation of organisations, until these represented more than half of the assignments.

Management de transition - Delville Management

The average duration of transition missions is 9 months. It has tended to increase in recent years.

At Delville, we make a promise to clients to respond to all requests in less than a week. Responding to a request consists of proposing a shortlist of several managers who are immediately available. After the interviews, the transition assignment starts immediately.

Clients who request transition managers are generally mid-sized companies and SMEs of significant size. It is generally accepted that transition management is aimed at companies with revenues of more than € 50/100m. Large groups are more sporadic users.

It applies to all sectors. At Delville, we have identified industries, in the broad sense, and services (including retail for example, etc.) in equal measure (e.g. including retail, etc.).

Transition management assignments involve:

one third: General Management, Business Unit Management, P&L Management assignments, etc.;
one third: financial management missions (20%) and HRD missions (10%+);
one third: other functions, Industrial Management, Plant Management, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing Management.
It should be noted that transition management assignments for commercial positions are less frequent.

At Delville, the transition manager occupies senior management positions, is a member of the Executive Board.

Transition management is justified when the following two characteristics are present:

  • The need is very urgent;
  • The stakes are very high (or the risk of doing nothing is very high).

The transition manager stands for agility and results. In a short time and in a flexible way, he or she brings a fresh perspective, great expertise and greater freedom of tone and action.


Some fields of intervention and examples

Urgences managériales


Example of a mission

HRD transition manager to take over a 20-person team at short notice, chemicals

Transition management mission for a COO, revenues of €80 million, healthcare

Gestion de projets


Example of a mission

Transition manager in charge of a digitalisation mission, global scope, automotive

PMO projects for business spin-offs, turnover of € 2 billion, banking/finance

Transformation des organisations

Transformation of organisations

Example of a mission

Transition manager, Supply Chain Management, structuring of warehouses, 200 employees, e-commerce

Transition management mission, Indirect Purchasing Manager, revenues of € 3 billion, packaging

Fusion et acquisition

Mergers and

Example of a mission

Takeover by a PE fund, CFO transition manager, then internalised. Revenues of € 750 million, distribution

HRD transition management mission, review of collective agreements in a post-merger context, software publisher

Retournement et redressement

Turnaround and

Example of a mission

CEO: transition manager, restructuring context, French overseas territories, revenues of € 200 million, retail

Industrial Director: transition management mission, heavy investment project, revenues of € 300 million, food