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Executive interim management at the forefront of business change

Posté par : Anne-Lise Belleut
Catégorie : Press

Executive interim management at the forefront of business change

Delville Management featured in the 2017 guide to Interim management by Executive Grapevine.

« An increasing number of companies are having recourse to Executive interim management. This solution now has a largely positive image, according to an online survey of 1100 directors conducted by the interim management firm Delville Management. The survey, whose results are analysed below, shows that the flexibility and skills of managers are valued in equal measure.

Transitory by definition, the role of the interim manager has become firmly entrenched in business culture. Executive interim management is no longer limited to crises or urgent business problems. And it is having a very strong impact: it is mainly due to their knowledge of the profession and their experience, particularly when it comes to driving change, that companies seek the assistance of interim managers. For the survey’s second edition, the interim management firm Delville Management’s sought to learn more about the use and experience of interim management and to understand the criteria set by clients when selecting an interim manager. The survey demonstrates that the recruitment process is now well-defined. Managers are generally commissioned for relatively short periods and are prized just as much for their readiness and willingness to help as for their skills and knowledge of the profession. »

“Interim Management brings to the company a degree of expertise that is missing internally, for a fixed period or a specific project.”

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