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11 Mai
Croissances externes complexes, le cas des Carve-Out
Catégorie : Evènements
Découvrez le compte-rendu du Delville Best Practice Exchange du mardi 10 mars 2015 sur le thème « Croissance externe complexe: le Carve-Out ». L’opération n’est pas la plus connue ...
30 Avr
The human qualities of an Interim Manager enable them to take charge of challenging situations
Catégorie : Customer testimonial
Michel Behar, an M&A Advisor who works mainly with investment funds, regularly calls on interim transition managers, whom he lauds for their ability to adapt and to execute rap...
29 Avr
The confidence to present the truth to his superior
Catégorie : Testimonial Manager
An interim manager since 2006, Colin Leisk is a specialist in supply chain and operational performance improvement and the management of strategic change in the world of industry. ...