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The TRUTH about Interim Management

Posté par : Anne-Lise Belleut
Catégorie : Press

When a crisis or a sudden change in your company strikes, it may be difficult to determine which solution will pull your team out of the mud and back on the road to success. The solution will have to be both conceptually sound and hands-on, guiding your company through every step and implementing this solution for any and every issue your business is experiencing.  You are going to have to choose a solution quickly and apply it as soon as possible. So, which solution do you turn to?

Interim management is becoming the preferred troubleshooting management technique. Although this solution bears similarity to a management consultant, it can help your business recover sooner and more effectively than a management consultant can since they drive action rather than give advice.

What is Interim Management?

With over 20 years of experience, an interim manager is a specialised executive sent on temporary assignments to help a company implement solutions to a business problem. Like a modern James Bond, the manager is sent on a mission for a short time, with a specific objective to accomplish. They come in to accompany existing management throughout the mission to ensure the solutions last long after the interim leaves.

The practice of interim management started in the 1970s in The Netherlands, then soon spread to the UK, Germany and later the rest of Europe, as it was viewed as more practical to hire temporary managers at that time.

Interim management tackles various areas of specialisation for industry, services and Private Equity sectors: CEO/COO/CFO, Human Resources, Supply Chain and IT Directors, just to name a few.

These interims are carefully chosen for the mission based on their skills and experience to meet your specialised needs. The manager is actively involved from start to finish on achieving solutions and quickly adapting to corporate policy and internal processes. 

What can these managers be used for?

It’s more than just damage control. Interim managers are equipped with trained strategic and operational skills to handle any problem. They are not only useful for high-crisis situations but many other situations businesses face; management emergency, turnaround, merger-acquisition, performance improvement, and transformations or transitions.

Companies choose interim management to strengthen the executive team and fill a vacant position, but the value these managers bring is far from temporary. The interim manager will operate in this function and at the same time pave the way for the future permanent manager.

Why is it the right solution?

Interim management has become a more popular solution among businesses because of the benefits and long-lasting improvements the highly experienced managers implement. With fast recruitment time, interim management delivers a quick response to your SOS by immediately supplying you with a hand-selected manager. The managers analyze your operations with a fresh pair of eyes and an independent view providing a specially designed strategy for the situation. These managers bring impressive experience in your company sector and an extensive network of contacts to provide an effective strategy that will last long after they leave your team.